Breaking The Fourth Wall

Vince McMahan got Punk’ed? If there was ever a polar opposite to Charlie Sheen’s internet assault fueled by drugs and prostitution, it’s CM Punk’s straight edge assault on the WWE and Vince McMahan fueled by backstage politics. Is it fare to say that Vince McMahan got punk’ed or is it all just an elaborate worked shoot? I’ve been following professional wrestling all of my life and I think what we are witnessing is a brilliantly mixed reality and storyline cocktail. If you don’t know what on talking about, on the June 27th edition of Monday Night Raw, CM Punk ended the live telecast by “breaking the fourth wall” and directing some very personal and hurtful comments at the owner of World Wrestling Enterprises, Vince McMahan.

I think it’s safe to say that wrestling hasn’t been this real since the Shawn Michaels / Bret Hart situation and it just so happens that the WWE is working on a Michaels/Hart DVD with heavy focus on the Montreal Screwjob. It is a coincidence? I don’t know but you can’t help to connect the facts, Hart got screwed in his home town of Montreal back in 1997 and on July 17th 2011 Punk wrestles for the title in his home town of Chicago, IL. The difference is Bret Hart walked into Montreal as champion with McMahan needing to get the belt off of him, and now Punk walks into Chicago as challenger threatening to leave the WWE with the belt. It’s different but it’s the same.

It’s the first time a long time that people are talking about pro wrestling instead of mix martial arts. Fans have been waiting for the creative pendulum to swing in this direction for years. It’s been more than a decade since Steve Austin and The Rock were generating that water cooler talk at the office. Fans (marks and smarks alike) have been begging for a savior. The critics seems to all agree that this “single interview” might have enough weight to turn the tide. The feeling that I’m getting is that CM Punk is on the verge of being the new poster boy for the WWE. I’m getting another feeling that my first feeling will never ever happen. It all comes down to how much of that interview was work and how much of that interview is shoot and who was in on it. What makes it so exciting right now is the fact that you can have 100 theories of what’s going to happen but nobody really knows. The end result is anyone’s guess.

Spoiler: The July 4th RAW is pre-taped and John Cena appearently confronts Vince McMahan about the CM Punk incident. Cena tells McMahan that he still wants Punk, even though he’s suspended. McMahan admits that he suspended Punk because he doesn’t want Punk to leave with the belt if he beats Cena. Cena convinced McMahan to let Punk wrestle on July 17th but McMahan adds the stipulation that if Cena doesn’t win, he fired.

My prediction: I think it can go a few different directions, but I’m putting down my official prediction for John Cena vs CM Punk. I think it’s possible that we see Vince McMahan at ringside towards the end of th match, just to add to the drama. I’m going to say the impossible happens, and CM Punk becomes the WWE champion. Vince McMahon keeps his promise and fires John Cena. At this point, everything is set in motion for the WWE to really break new ground. I think John Cena does a final interview the next night on RAW and tells McMahon and the fans that he’s going to follow CM Punk to whereever he goes and he’s going to beat Punk for the title and bring it back to the WWE. Could you imagine a WWE Title match at a Ring of Honor show? I know it’s a little far fetched but if it goes down like I said, the sky is the limit.


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