Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Twiggy Ramierez vs Damien Wayne

For long time New Jersey indy fans, the name Twiggy Ramirez is a name know all to well.. Starting off first as a tag team wrestler Twiggy then made a name for him self in the Junior Heavyweight Ranks in the NWA.. He even was the #1 contender for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship.. Back then Twiggy was reckless, impulsive & a pleasure to see in the squared circle... Since then Mr Ramirez has matured not only as an adult but as a wrestler.. He takes a few less risks but he makes up for it with veteran guile & a sharp mind that was forged in the fired of many tough battles in pro wrestling.. No Longer a Junior Heavyweight Twiggy mixes his superb wrestling skill with a masochistic ability to deliver pain & violence when needed.. He recently used his skill set to win many regional championship though out the state of New Jersey & has impressed the management of the Outlaws of Wrestling promotion.. They booked him to appear on their return show on August 27th & put him against the one wrestler in the company who may be his equal in both talent & proficiency for violence...
That wrestler is NWA DAWG Champion Damien Wayne.. Damien may very well be the offspring of Satan him self.. He is one of the most talented wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle & is looking to not only defend his coveted NWA DAWG Championship but to further his quest for pro wrestling dominance.. Imagine a wrestler who is part "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Part Jeff Hardy & Part Tully Blanchard & you have the gladiator know as Damien Wayne...He hopes to use Twiggy's hard earned reputation to future his own but for those who know Twiggy that may be easier said then done...
This match will be one for the ages & if you call your self a TRUE wrestling fan then there is no excuse to miss it.. So make sure you come to theJackson Moose Lodge located at 1240 E. Veterans Highway (Rte. 528) in Jackson, NJ on August 27th & not only see an epic wrestling match but also help a good cause because portions of the proceeds go to Autism Speaks
You can get your tickets now athttps://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/187772
I hope to see you at the Show - Jaden

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