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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Badstreet USA 45 record for Sale!

I was going through my record collection ( & yes, I do have a record collection ) and I found my album ( it's a 45 ) of Badstreet U.S.A.

Freebirds 4-Ever!

Michael Hayes is AWESOME!

$10.00 on sale.

contact if interestered 

1 comment:

  1. I have this 45 plus the LP to I have all the Freebirds music including the song Hayes & Garvin did, "I'm A Freebird What's Your Excuse" I also own all those Superstar Pro Wrestling games to. Plus I own all the Skynyrd music. And I still have the Freebirds battle The Von Erichs to. For 30 years I've been the NWA I know the Von Erichs were in World Class but its my game & I'm the boss, so I say where they wrestle. lol I also have up my own website where I post all the matches at. Just great times & some great music to.