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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Maniaphobia Script

Michael, a clean cut business man running away from someone. you never see who he's
running from. he runs up stairs where he comes to a security guard .
He's after me, don't let him find me
Security guard don't say anything, just points to a door. Michael ducks into a room and sits in a chair and
grabs his head with both hands like he's in pain.
Coming around the hallway corner is Michael dressed in ripped clothes and messed up hair. He comes to
the same security guard.
Have you seen me, can you tell me which way i went?
The security guard just looks at him. Michael grabs his head and drops to his knees.
Oh my god, I'm losing my sanity.
You've already lost your sanity.
camera fades back as Michael is on the ground screaming and fades out.
Fade in, Brian stands in same room that Michael ducked into in the last scene.
Dale is wearing a pig mask and tied up on the bed
"Did the rabbit die? Did the rabbit die? Did the rabbit die?"
Brian walks over and stuffs an apple in the Dale's mouth.
You ought to be more concerned about how I'm going to fry you like bacon !
Now shut your pork hole.
Brian picks up a sharp knife and walks into the bathroom / camera doesn't follow all you hear is SCREAMS!
Dale splits out the apple and starts yelling
Help! Help! Help!
Brian runs back in and grabs Dale by the throat to make him stop screaming
Brian chewing on something / blood around his mouth
"you know, cannibalism is very under rated . have you ever had a fresh liver sandwich ?
Brian smiles to show his bloody teeth
"I like mine on pumpernickel bread."
Brian motions his hand to his ear
What's that? I think i hear your stomach growling. let me get back to the bathroom and
slice you off a nice cut of meat. Do you want lettuce and tomatoes with your girlfriend's
guts? ( laughter )
Michele, wearing rabbit mask, lays covered in blood in the bath tub
Brian enters the bathroom.
all over the bathroom counter top - knives , tomato , lettuce, carrots, bread ,etc.
Let me go
Do you think you're above all this?
You should be god damn honored !
You're a friggin' delicacy !
Brian turns the tub water on and watches Michele squirm as the tub fills with hot water .
The water quickly turns red with blood
I'm going to make some rabbit stew
Brian starts cutting up some vegetables and tossing them in the tub
Stop lollygagging around and die already.
Brian exits the bathroom.
Listen, I'm sure you're a reasonable man.
Everyone has a price. What's your price?
What the hell is your price to let me go.
I won't tell. I won' t even tell my priest!
If I let me go . I want you to tell your priest.
Tell them all. Tell everyone what you've heard
and what you've seen. I've giving you an education
in horror and I expect you to teach this gift that you've
been given. If not, i will make your you suffer well after
your body is dead.
You sick fuck. but whatever. whatever fucking ever.
just let me out of here.
Brian let's Dale go. Dales goes to the door but is having a hard time openning the door.
He sees Brian coming at his with a knife.
No, No. Please No !
Brian kills Dale with a slash of the knife.
If you actually thought I was going to let you just walk away,
you've lost your mind, man.
Brian backs up and sits down in a chair
Same chair from beginning that business man sat in and the same thing happens to Brian.
Brian grabs his head in pain and suddenly gets a realization of what has just happened.
He's shocked and he looks at the knife and drops it. He looks down at this bloody hands.
Oh my lord, what have i done ?
Brian walks over to the body of Dale and looks at it in amazement.
Brian walks into the bath room where he discovers the Michele's body in the tub .
He turns away quickly as if he's going to be sick.
Brian looks at himself in the mirror and looking back at him is Michael the business man from the beginning
of our film.
When mind and body our separated there is constant
struggle for them to find each other throwing
off the balance of space and time. When you lose
your sanity it's often never to be found again.
But what if the opportunity presented itself in the form
of an alternate host in the same space and the same time,
then could it be possible to regain someone else's sanity?
Who am I?
Brian with his back against the shower. The dead Michele rises up and grabs Brian from behind.
Screen goes black.
By Michael Joy

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