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Do you think the media will ever be granted access to Area 51 or other
locations in an attempt to show that they are NOT hiding anything?

Answer: No, I don't think that will ever happen, chiefly because it's not to the government's advantage to do so. Governments everywhere only do things when it is to their advantage to do them. Also, what would be the point in giving access? No-one outside of those that work there, or who have to travel there, can access the base anyway. No-one outside of the government, the military, or the intelligence community can go there, so there's no need for the government to comment or reveal anything if we can't access it, and which they could still hide anyway, even if they did allow people on-base. Plus, there's another issue too: If the government said something along the lines of "All we have here are classified aircraft programs and no crashed UFOs," many people would still be very skeptical, or would outright accuse the government of lying. So, this would also make it a pointless act. It's like the Disclosure movement, which I think is - in theory - a worthy idea, but it is just so steeped in childlike naivety, because asking the Government to come clean on UFOs because "the people" want it, is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, or it's certainly near the top of the list of ridiculous things I have heard. No government is ever going to spill the beans on its truly guarded UFO-connected secrets because a bunch of Ufologists demand they do. That's just total, total crap to even imagine it would, or will, happen. And UFO Disclosure is just like asking the Government to come clean on Area 51, namely that if Disclosure isn't what Ufology is expecting to hear, they will say it's not real Disclosure after all. Same for what's going on at Area 51 - if the government doesn't admit to holding UFOs there, or outright denies it, it will be viewed as a lie. So, it won't happen because unless it meets people's preconceived expectations, the revelation will be ignored or denied.

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