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Monday, December 19, 2011

"Warehouse" press release

Press release begins:


“A darkened storeroom, an axe and no way out!”

Los Angeles, CA – A new short horror film has been produced by Busted Knuckle Productions titled “Warehouse.” This short film puts actors Casey Nelson and Chris Hayes as Jamie and Nick in a darkened storehouse where a masked killer torments them with a sharpened axe. There is no way out for Jamie and Nick as they are tied to the spot and initially blindfolded. The tension mounts as the axe draws nearer.

This title is set to tour film festivals in 2012 with Busted Knuckle Productions continuing to bring the most horrifying in film to screens. This film production company has recently finished such horror films as Cornered and The Whispering Dead with several more projects already secured. For those who like horror, check out “Warehouse” when it plays near you. The film’s official poster is below.

Release Date: 2012 (various film festivals, TBA).

Director: Casey Nelson.

Writers: Casey Nelson and Chris Hayes.

Producer: Hunter G. Williams.

Runtime: approximately nine minutes.

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