Friday, February 18, 2011

THE MIZ vs. JERRY LAWLER (Elimination Chamber) If I booked the match

WWE champion The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler. 
We are really going to play this , so for this match we bring in Dave Brown from Memphis fame to call the match along with Michael Cole. Lawler starts out with some energy but the younger Miz is able to control most of the match.  Lawler pulls down the strap and makes his comeback, but Miz escapes a fist drop off the ropes and a sleeper hold as possible threats.  Next, Lawler pulls out something old school and hits Miz with the piledriver.  He only gets 2 ¾ count.   Lawler pulls out a long chain from his trunks and is prepared to use it,  when Miz turns the tide.  Lawler ends up getting choked with the chain behind the referee’s back, of course.   Miz is really enjoying taking the beating to Lawler, when a surprise from the back appears.  Jim Ross makes his way to ringside and cheer on The King.   Miz is really hurting Lawler at this point, punishing him.   Jim Ross finds a white towel near the ring and climbs up on the apron to tease that he’s throwing in the towel for Lawler.   Miz contronts Jim Ross and screams at him to do it.   Ross thinks it over and drops the towel to the floor, and instead slaps Miz across the face.  Miz acts shocked.  Miz grabs Ross and cocks back likes he’s going to throw a fist.  Michael Cole is standing up at the announce table yelling, “Do it” and “Hit him”.   Instead,  Miz pulls Ross with him to the outside of the ring and in front of the announcers table.  Miz holds Jim Ross from behind, and tells Cole to take a shot.  Michael Cole takes off his headset and milks it.   Cole winds up like he’s going to throw a pitch at a baseball game.   Before Cole gets a chance to land a punch, out of nowhere Daniel Bryan tackles Michael Cole to the ground.  Bryan has Cole stretched on the floor.  Miz steps away from the situation and returns to the ring.  Miz goes to pick up Lawler but he’s dead weight.  Miz tries like three times.   Finally, Miz really puts some strength behind lifting Lawler’s limp body, when Lawler locks in a small package and gets the three count.  The winner and new WWE Champion is Jerry “The King” Lawler!   Jim Ross sits down with Dave Brown to call the aftermath.  Jim Ross, “ The King is going to Wrestlemania! “

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