Sunday, September 4, 2011

Top Ten 70's Movies - Best Decade For Movies EVER!!!!

1. The Godfather
2. Star Wars
3. Rocky
4. The Towering Inferno
5. One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
6. The Exorcist
7. Jaws
8. Smokey and the Bandit
9. Close Encounters of the Third Kind
10. Halloween

Top Ten 80's Movies - It's so hard to limit it to ten

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark
2. Empire Strikes Back
3. Back to the Future
4. Breakfast Club
5. Karate Kid
6. Ferris Buellers Day Off
7. Gremlins
8. Sixteen Candles
9. Nightmare on Elm Street
10. E.T.

Some Great 80's Flicks... I could watch these movies over and over again and again.

90's - What a Fuckin' Decade for Movies, WOW!

1. Pulp Fiction
2. American Beauty
3. Lost Highway
4. Goodfellas
5. Boogie Nights
6. Beautiful Girls
7. The People vs Larry Flynt
8. Shawshank Redemption
9. Dazed and Confused
10. The Green Mile

Decade of Movies: My 21st Century Top Ten

My Top Ten Movies coming from the beginning of the 21st Century!

1. Lord of the Rings
2. Almost Famous
3. The Dark Knight
4. Spiderman
5. The 40 Year Old Virgin
6. The Devils Rejects
7. Clerks 2
8. Kill Bill
9. King Kong
10. The Departed

Today I was watching Leonard Maltin's decade top ten and I completely didn't agree with his picks, so it prompted me to make my own list.  Hey, someone out there might not like my list either. 

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