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Mil Mascaras - Man of 1,000 Masks

Wizards 35th Anniversary Edition Blu-ra

Extreme Reunion - Let's get SHOCKED!

In a recent interview that I conducted with “The Franchise” Shane Douglas for, I posed the question of whether or not he would be able to top the original ECW angle of throwing down the NWA World Title and creating the ECW World Title. Shane answered, “No, he really wouldn’t want to even try to top that”, and I agree with his answer… somewhat. That single moment in professional wrestling history defined ECW as a promotion and gave it the momentum to become a major player. I agree, only in terms that I wouldn’t want to see Extreme Reunion duplicate anything that the original ECW made famous. No one wants to see a copy cat promotion. However, I think if they don’t strive to become better, then they will eventually fail. I would love to see a new defining moment in the sport of professional wrestling, something that will make Vince McMahon stand up and take notice. TNA is currently the number 2 wrestling promotion in the United States and that’s a sad statemen…

March update

March is starting out pretty cool.  I just posted some good interviews over at and I have some more in the works.  I'm talking to Pretty Boy Larry Sharp about going over to the Monster Factory and doing an interview.  In addition to that, I've contacted the Kevin Nash camp about an interview regarding his new movie, Monster Brawl.  I have a couple of interviews lined up for Sweet Prudence and the Erotic Adventures of Bigfoot.  I tring to contact Gil Gerard (Buck Rogers) about maybe getting an interview.  I'm also trying to get hold of Anthony Michael Hall to try to grab an interview at either Monstermania or Comic Con. 

I need to get a headset but it looks good for a Podcast with myself and the man known as Budro!  I working on coming up with a cool name for the show.   I got some other projects in the pressure cooker but I don't want to tell you all of tricks.