Extreme Reunion - Let's get SHOCKED!

In a recent interview that I conducted with “The Franchise” Shane Douglas for Horrornews.net, I posed the question of whether or not he would be able to top the original ECW angle of throwing down the NWA World Title and creating the ECW World Title. Shane answered, “No, he really wouldn’t want to even try to top that”, and I agree with his answer… somewhat. That single moment in professional wrestling history defined ECW as a promotion and gave it the momentum to become a major player. I agree, only in terms that I wouldn’t want to see Extreme Reunion duplicate anything that the original ECW made famous. No one wants to see a copy cat promotion. However, I think if they don’t strive to become better, then they will eventually fail. I would love to see a new defining moment in the sport of professional wrestling, something that will make Vince McMahon stand up and take notice. TNA is currently the number 2 wrestling promotion in the United States and that’s a sad statement. I would like to say that TNA is a happy alternative to WWE wrestling, but it’s not. It’s far from it. If Shane Douglas and Extreme Reunion can find the desire and the creativity… they will come. Meaning, the fans. We The Wrestling Fans need an alternative to the garbage that is pumped into our television sets week after dreaded week. In the 90’s, ECW started a Revolution that turned the industry on its ear. If it was just another reunion show, I would say OK whatever and move on. But that’s not the case. After talking to Shane and knowing that he wants to built a new promotion from ground up and NOT just use former ECW wrestlers but bring in a new crop of talent too, I think this promotion has a fighting chance to actually do something. Extreme Reunion, or whatever the promotion’s name is going to eventually be, needs to shock the system and really shake things up. I remember the electricity in the building the night Shane Douglas through down the NWA World Title and you knew something special was happening. I remember watching that first TV show afterwards and seeing Eastern replaced by Extreme on the banner, and you just knew it was the start of something great. It made you stoked to be a wrestling fan again. I’m not saying I have the answers. I’m not saying anyone does. It’s going to be a test of trial and error. I do say, they have to try HARD and go HUGE. If Extreme Reunion is going to sink to the bottom of the ocean with other dead promotions after the first show or the first couple of shows, let it not be for lack of trying. Let them go down in a shocking display of creativity and electrify the waters all around them. BUT… if they are going to succeed, that’s an entirely different story. That is the story that I want to write about.

Stay tuned...

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