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I think this was a better alternative.  I booked Extreme Reunion and basically used the same people they had to work with.  I think I did a better job.

Start the show:

Shane Douglas coming out and reporting on the situation with Sabu being taken to the hospital before the show.  Shane Douglas says that he has a replacement opponent in mind when Raven’s music hits with Raven coming down to the ring with his new Flock (including Cripple H).  Raven asks Shane why he even booked a reunion show, because reunions are for f**s and morons!   Raven’s new Flock attacked Shane.  Raven chimes in and takes Shane out with an EvenFlo DDT on a chair.   Raven in control of the mic continues his Anti-ECW promo!  

Pitbull’s music! Gary Wolfe comes down to make the save.   Shane rolls out to the floor and the Raven vs Pitbull match begins.  Raven keeps trying to escape the match, so Pitbull grabs his “Dog Collar” and attaches it to his neck and Raven’s neck.  Now, Raven can’t escape.   Pitbull beats on Raven for awhile until finally his Flock interfere to cost Pitbull the match.  Unnamed muscle guy in Flock hits sitdown slam on Pitbull and Raven crawls over to get the pinfall.  During the entire match, Shane Douglas has been laid out at ringside.  Afterwards, Shane is back up and grabs a chair.  He goes after Raven, swings and missed.  Raven & The Flock retreat.  Shane Douglas stands  in the ring with the chair waiving Raven to come back, when Raven doesn’t, Shane heads toward the back with chair in hand.

CW Anderson vs Al Snow w/Head

Before the match, they give away hundreds of “heads” to the crowd.   Snow comes out with his “head” and they do the gimmick.   The match is back and forth, nothing too extreme, and Al Snow pins Anderson with Wheelbarrow Suplex.  After the match, this “strange” music plays and figure with a hooded cloak appears from the back and slowly walks toward the ring.  After he enters the ring, he unhoods, and it’s KEVIN SULLIVAN!! Sullivan immediately throws powder in CW Anderson face and Anderson drops to the ground.  Sullivan pulls and “the spike” and goes after Al Snow.   Sullivan digs the spike in Snow’s head drawing blood. Sullivan turns to the helpless “head”.    He takes the spike and drives in right through “head”.   Sullivan pulls out and cloth bag and put it over the face of CW Anderson and ties it off.   Sullvain leads Anderson, who now seems to be under Sullivan’s control, to the back.  When Al Snow gets up with his face full of blood, he looks over and finds “head” with the spike sticking out.  Al Snow acts crushed.

Axl Rotten vs Balls Mahoney

This is just a stiff chair-fest back and forth, until the match is interrupted by CZW wrestlers “Philly’s Most Wanted” who show up in the crowd and create a disturbance. The match stops dead and Balls & Axl invite them inside the ring. Atlas Security holds them off at the guardrail making sure that they don’t come over.  Balls & Axl grab the mic and say if you won’t let them IN then we are coming OUT!   Axl & Balls climb over the guardrail and begin to brawl in the crowd with Philly’s Most Wanted.   They go all over the building.  Balls & Axl toss Philly’s Most Wanted out the front door and they return to inside the ring.  Balls & Axl look at each other and look at the crowd and continue their match.  A couple more well placed chair shots back and forth, and Balls is able to put away Axl and get the pinfall.   After the match, they are friends again.

Jerry Lynn vs Devon Storm

This is just good hard wrestling.  Devon is the replacement for Justin Credible.  The wrestling should speak for itself here, so I’m not going to overbook this with angles.   Jerry Lynn pins Devon Storm with a good old fashion piledriver.  In real life, this was the best match on the show.


Now, it’s time for some comic relief.  Special guest ring announcer is Joel Gertner who provides a super long introduction for both teams.  Here is what I would ADD to this match.  I would introduce “Blue Girl” the new valet for the Blue World Order.  On the other side,  I would introduce the “Hot Blooded Italian Princess”.  At some point during the match… cat fight!    The finish has Stevie Richards hit the “Stevie kick” on Little Guido for the pinfall win!

Main Event

Todd Gordon returns… and talks about ECW and the fans and how Extreme is in his blood..bla bla bla!  Todd announces the Special guest referee for the Main Event – Bill Alfonzo!  Next, Shane Douglas music hits and then his tag team partner’s music, Too Cold Scorpio!    Douglas challenges Raven & one of his Flock to come down to the ring for a fight!  Raven’s music plays but nothing.   Shane & Scorpio wait.  The Gangstas Music hit!

Shane Douglas & Too Cold Scorpio vs New Jack & Mustafa

The Gangstas bring down a trash can full of weapons.  Things get crazy inside and out!   Bill Alfonzo blows his whistle while refereeing.   After everyone uses up the weapons,  New Jack & Too Cold exchange some false finishes before they take the brawl to the crowd.  While Douglas brawls with Mustafa, there’s a ref bump.  Alfonzo down.   Douglas puts the sleeper hold on Mustafa and puts him out but there’s no referee.  Now, Raven shows up and for the second time of the night hits Douglas with the Evenflo DDT on a chair, taking Shane out.  Raven puts Mustafa’s arm over Shane and shakes Alfonzo before he leaves again.   Alfonzo with a slow count…one… two…thr…. Shane kicks out.   Meanwhile, New Jack has laid out Too Cold on the other end of the armory.  Raven is gone.    New Jack comes back inside the ring. The Gangsta’s are now double teaming Shane.   Todd Gordon throws in a white towel and steps inside the ring and puts himself in harm’s way blocking The Gangstas from getting to Shane Douglas.   It’s announced The Gangstas are the winners but that’s not good enough for New Jack.  Mustafa grabs hold of Gordon and New Jack pulls out a box cutter and acts like he’s going to cut Gordon.  Then… Enter Sandman starts playing.  They release Gordon, who runs out of the ring.   The Gangstas wait for the arrival of The Sandman.   The Sandman comes down with 2 canes.   He tosses one to Todd Gordon.  The Sandman and Todd circle the ring.  They climb up to the apron,  Todd tosses his can to Shane Douglas. The Sandman enters and Shane Douglas gets up and they start caneing The Gangstas.  The Gangstas retreat but with their arms raised in victory.  Afterwards,  Too Cold Scorpio gets back to the ring and has a stare down with his former tag partner, The Sandman.    You know what’s next.   We end the show with a dance off between Too Cold Scorpio and The Sandman.   Then, all five – The Sandman, Too Cold Scorpio, Todd Gordon, Bill Alfonzo and Shane Douglas drink a few beers inside the ring to end the show.

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