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Image is proud to announce the promotion Mike Joy to acting manager for 
Mike has been with the site since inception and has contributed a great number of articles, press releases, columns, interviews, and support over the years. He is and has been the sole columnist to the popular column titled “Unexplained Confidential” Mike will be acting under the CEO in the interest of managing talent, acquisitions, new programs, and helping in our website strategizing. Mike will also be conducting public relations for the site at events, cons and genre shows. This position was formerly held by Dai Green (cited as “Head Mistress”) who provided many great years of contribution to the site. Dai will leaving to pursue personal matters in addition to continued efforts in her career as a model, actress, podcaster and writer. Please continue to send press releases to Anything regarding trade shows, interviews, HNN public appearances and related should be…

The Slap Heard Around the World!

On Wednesday, July 28, 1982, thirty years ago this month, Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman continued
their burgeoning celebrity wrestling feud with The Slap Heard Around the World on Late Night with
David Letterman .
Meeting up on the Letterman show, the two, who had been feuding in and out of the ring in Memphis,
Tennessee for months, were reportedly going to make up and settle their now legal differences on
Letterman’s late night talk show. However, as things grew heated during the course of the interview,
Jerry Lawler stood, turned, and slapped Andy Kaufman, who was wearing a neck brace worn due to
the illegal pile-drivers that Lawler had applied to Kaufman (twice) in a match in Memphis’ Mid-South
Coliseum, sending Kaufman to the hospital and causing Kaufman to threaten to sue Jerry Lawler.
Kaufman and Lawler’s appearance and the attention and heat it drew gave birth to the introduction
of celebrities into the wrestling world. The video itself has become one of the most viewed videos …

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Spoilers with Kevin Smith - Gore Score and Severed Ears Ago ( Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter )

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