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Monday, August 27, 2012

DEAD afterlife entered in the Summer 2012 IMLC logline competiton

Internet Movie Logline Creator

Summer 2012 IMLC logline competition
Here is a list of loglines.  "DEAD afterlife" is entered in at the #9 spot.
In 1307, the Knights Templars flee the wrath of the French king to North America seeking refuge for the legendary Templar treasure.
An expertise soldier struggles to save his family from terrorists he escaped, a setup master minded by the Army General to hand him over.
Satan uses UFOs to counterfeit the promised rapture; based on Scripture.
Kay is possessed by Pope Innocent the X, committed to an insane asylum where she does a self exorcism and becomes an exorcist.
Zombies infest the Nazi submarine torn apart by riot organized by a Soviet spy who falls in love with the submarine commander's secretary.
A group of friends race against a corrupt sheriff to restore some semblance of humanity to a buddy who has become a zombie.
A man discovers he needs assistance to pass his very hard stool and struggles to keep the fact from his doting fiancee-- and her family.
Married six times with stint as escort Kitty goes to law school at 41 and becomes go-to attorney for cartels in Atlanta Based on True story.
What happens when a deceased man’s ghost and undead body confront each other at his own funeral?
A jailed vagrant claims he holds the answer to the future of the country in his lone possession, a metal briefcase that no one can open.
Emotionless artist makes beautiful choice when he has to decide between success and the feelings of his damaged and trusting model.
A couple trying to get out of the house for a date spends an hour and a half dealing with issues with their children before they can leave.
A platoon of US Marines in Afghanistan get swept up in a mysterious sandstorm and wind up fighting in Alexander the Great's army.
Three brothers on a singles cruise discover they may have to walk the plank to prove they're worthy of a love victory at sea.
A young manic-depressive man if offered an unorthodox therapy for his condition by a neuroscientist who turns out to be a "femme fatale".
Through a case of mistaken identity, a struggling filmmaker is hired by S.T.A.R. Inc., a firm specializing in the construction and execution of robotic celebrities.
After her son goes missing a distraught mother hires a PI to uncover the truth behind a secretive UFO cult and its deranged leader.

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