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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

HWI Music Video just posted Hardcore Wrestling International music video

Includes footage of Steve Ignorant's famous "Flaming Heart Punch"

Established in 1990 - Gloucester Hts, NJ

In the early 1990's Hardcore Wrestling International was a progressive backyard wrestling company that quickly moved from the backyard and into the world famous Monster Factory. We worked with and influenced other backyard groups like California Creative Wrestling, Feinstein Wrestling Federation, Joe Wrestling Alliance, World Wrestling Enterprises, Western Wrestling Alliance, Rutgers Pro Wrestling Association, and we were featured on Jeff Osborne's Video Cassette Wrestling News.
HWI roster: ‘Southern Bad Boy’ Bobby Decker, The Demonic Savage, General Rommel, The Leader, Dalton Prescott (character in 1991), ‘Sensei’ Michael Parisi, ‘Master’ Mortimor Bates, The Falcon, Firefly Red (character in 1991), The Flounder, Death Kotegashi (also known as Warlock Death), Arctic Storm, John Doe, Cody Chandler (character in 1991), ‘Big Bad’ Jonathon Day (also known as Suba), Adam Warlock (character in 1991) Sid Vicious, Steve Ignorant, Johnny Rotton, 'Hollywood’ Mason Christopher, Warlock Bone, Warlock Skull, Referee Lou Dino, PFC Jerome J Staple, The Atlantic City Sinner (later to become The Blue Meanie) ,Thunder Messiah, Outlaw Spur, and Mad Matt Campbell!
HWI guests: Skeet Slander, Skip Roma, Big Ron, J.R. Benson, Sensuous Stacy, Ron Hed, Rob Feinstein, Easy E, Jeff Osborne, Joe Rules, Rick Silver, Hubie Volk, King Michael The Magnificent, The Slayer, Lord David the Great, J.R. Styles, Hot Rocker, Mr. Madness (aka Mikey Whipwreck), The Godfather, and God of War. This is just a name a few.
Please contact Mike Joy for comments or questons, - Webcam Models Wanted!

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