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Brand New Amazon Store- Now Featuring MONSTER HIGH on Sale!


Monster High - Abby Boniable - Sale

"Abby Boniable"
Sale for $35.00 (United States ONLY)

This is new in package.  If interested, please contact me at to make payment arrangements.

Frankenstein Monster Figure BRAND NEW !!!!!

Universal Monsters Frankenstein 9-Inch Action Figure:

Mary Shelley's hulking fiend! Frankenstein's monster takes on action figure form. Finely detailed body is covered with scars from his assembly! Frankenstein boasts 10 points of articulation. Presented in glorious, hulking fashion, the devilish fiend known as Frankenstein's monster has never looked better than in this Universal Monsters Frankenstein Action Figure! This 9-inch scale Frankenstein features a real cloth coat and shirt, and his finely detailed body boasts 10 points of articulation. He's even covered with scars from his assembly! Frankenstein will add new life to your collection. Ages 15 and up. Constructed by author Mary Shelley's infamous Dr. Frankenstein from corpses, and resurrected by curious machines powered by a bolt of lightning, Frankenstein's monster ruthlessly terrorized the countryside, wreaking chaos among the peasantry and elite alike. Now he finds new life, thanks to Mezc…