Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Van Helsing Bust

Order Hammer Horror Van Helsing Masterpiece Collection Bust from Entertainment Earth! Hammer

Horror Van Helsing Masterpiece Collection Bust :
• Count Dracula's mortal enemy!
• One of the original vampire hunters: Professor Abraham Van Helsing!
• Extremely detailed statue features Hammer Films legend Peter Cushing.
• Astonishing 3/4-length sculpt!

This amazingly detailed, 8-inch tall maxi-bust painstakingly recreates Hammer Films legend Peter Cushing's driven, star-making performance as Count Dracula's fearless pursuer and mortal enemy, Professor Abraham Van Helsing. Every element of Van Helsing's sartorial vampire-hunting precision, from his fur-collared greatcoat to his candelabra-clenching gloves, is captured in this astonishing 3/4-length sculpt. Ages 14 and up. Age: 14+ Size: 8-inches tall Celebrities: Peter Cushing

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