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Bill Oberst Jr. talks about "DEAD afterlife" screenplay

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Bill Oberst Jr. , at 56 minutes , talks about DEAD afterlife screenplay

Official "DEAD afterlife" Synopsis

On the eve of one of the most important medical breakthroughs in history, Terranova Pharmaceuticals representative Donald Conlee is found dead in his New Jersey home. His miracle drug “Awake” was supposed to be a dream come true in the field of brain trauma. Instead, Donald Conlee finds himself dead awake during his own funeral. In a supernatural turn of events, it’s up to the ghost of Donald Conlee to put his own undead body back into the ground, in order for his soul to gain entrance into Heaven. Can the afterlife defeat the living dead?

DEAD afterlife on Screenplayfest
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Official "DEAD afterlife" Logline

The ghost of Donald Conlee finds himself attending his own funeral only to be surprised that his zombie counterpart is eating all his guests. Now, it’s up to Donald’s ghost to figure out how to get Donald’s undead body back into his grave.

DEAD afterlife at Screenplayfest

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