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everyone is in grave danger... at my funeral


Andy Gates is Donald Conlee in's DEAD afterlife


New Blu-Rays at Used Prices - Trance and Twixt

Image presents DEAD afterlife w/ Michael Berryman, Bill Oberst Jr., Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, and Andy Gates

Horror Icons Michael Berryman, Bill Oberst, Jr., Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder and Pro-Wrestling Legend Austin Idol Sign on to Star in Dead Afterlife
Jared Cohn to Direct the Zombie/Ghost/Horror/Comedy Feature Film
EXCLUSIVE: Jared Cohn, director of popular Bikini Spring Break, Hold Your Breath, and 12/12/12, has been secured to direct Dead’s Michael Joy has written the script for the movie, currently in development, that follows Pharmaceutical Representative Donald Conlee who discovers a miracle drug called "Awake,” soon to be released to the world as a breakthrough for brain trauma. Conlee is unaware of the adverse effects of the drug until he becomes the experiment.
“Joy has found a way to re-define the zombie genre,” said Cohn.Joy crafted a logline that is making industry professionals turn their collective heads and take notice:“The ghost of Donald Conlee finds himself attending his own funeral only to be surprised that his z…