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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DEAD afterlife The Movie

DEAD afterlife The Movie –

From the creative genius of comes a brand new vision in Horror cinema.  


Imagine watching your own funeral as a ghost and then the unthinkable happens,  your undead body climbs out of your coffin and starts killing and eating your friends and family.   What would you do? What could you do?   Pharmaceutical Scientist, Donald Conlee faces this conundrum after he’s murdered and is administered his own “Awake”, super drug.    His death was only the beginning of his problems.   The Gatekeeper has given Donald a time limit to return his Zombie self to the ground – or else his soul can never gain access into Heaven.   To complicate matters,  he finds out that his murderer is at the funeral and his girlfriend is in grave danger.  How can a couple of disgruntle gravediggers and a hearse driver help Donald’s lost soul find the way?    Or maybe the real question is how can the spirit world defeat the living dead?  


You are cordially invited to Donald Conlee’s funeral.   RSVP if you dare.

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