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As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly - WKRP THANKSGIVING

Les Nessman: I'm here with hundreds of people who have gathered to witness what has been described as perhaps the greatest turkey event in Thanksgiving Day history. All we know for sure is that in a very few moments there are going to be a lot of happy people out here. Now the crowd is... [passers-by gawk at Les]

Les Nessman: The... the crowd is uh... curious but well behaved. And I think I hear something now. Uh... The crowd is moving out into the parking area. And... oh yes! I can see it now. It's a... it's a... helicopter and it's coming this way!

Andy Travis: A helicopter?

Les Nessman: It's flying something behind it and I can't quite make it out. It's a large banner and it says H A P P Y... T H A N K S... giving... from W... K... R... P!

What a sight, ladies and gentlemen. What a sight. The 'copter seems to circling the parking area now. I guess it's looking for a place to land. No! Something just came out of the back of a helicopter. It's a …

Metallica's Kirk Hammett to star in DEAD afterlife The Movie?

Happy Birthday Kirk!Metallica’s Kirk Hammett offered feature horror movie role on his 51st Birthday!Could we see Kirk battling ghosts and zombies in the upcoming movie, DEAD afterlife?It’s extremely possible.All Kirk has to do is say,YES!And writer/producer Michael Joy and producer Marie Lemelle would love to have Metallica guitarist star in this project.Kirk is a well-known horror aficionado and recently had big success with his book,Too Much Horror Business.Metallica and Horror fans alike would surely flock to the theatres to see Kirk Hammett do what he was meant to do-kill some zombies and get bloody.It seems like a dream situation.Kirk would be joining the already attached cast that includes horror icons – Kane Hodder, Michael Berryman, and Bill Moseley.Former Pro Wrestling Legend, Austin Idol,has also signed on along with actors Bill Oberst Jr, Andy Gates,Trae Ireland, Liana Mendoza and director, Jared Cohn.

Horror fans chant , “ We want Kirk!We want Kirk!We want Ki…