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Official Trailer – Spartacus: War of the Damned

Extreme Rising Tv Show


Philadelphia, PA -The fans demand a new pro wrestling Television
program that will be a true alternative to what is currently being
offered by the W.W.E. and TNA IMPACT. Extreme Rising comes to
fill a void in pro wrestling. When Extreme Championship Wrestling
closed in 2001, the fans were left with a lack of diverse choices in
pro wrestling programming. ECW was a unique underground subculture
where the misfits of wrestling entertained legions of fans every
week, and the fans contributed to make for one of a kind wrestling
events. Extreme Rising has captured the spirit and diversity of what
ECW was by utilizing the legends of Extreme, as well as the best
unsigned talent in the United States and Mexico. What started as an
"Extreme Reunion" on April 28, 2012 in Philadelphia, has turned into
an Extreme Rising and continues to rise.

With just five live events under their belt in 2012, Extreme Rising
has averaged one-thousand fans in attendance to live events,
the best average attendance for any US wrestling company without a
national television deal. All of Extreme Rising's grassroots
success is made possible by the great fan base that demands more
Extreme Rising live events, DVDs, merchandise, AND NOW A TV SHOW.

As our feedback suggests, the fans want a weekly EXTREME RISING
WRESTLING TV show, and we want nothing more than to be able to produce
it. We need the fans help and support. We have turned to to help raise the necessary funds for this
undertaking. With just 18 days to go, Extreme Rising is rolling out
a promotional effort in hopes of creating awareness to this project
about producing entertaining, weekly, episodic pro wrestling television
series. At fans make a pledge, choice a perk/gift, and
are only charged if the goal amount is reached. If the goal is not
reached, no one is charged.

Unlike other wrestling companies, Extreme Rising has no financial
backing whatsoever. There is no TV or Cable network. There are
currently no sponsors, advertisers, nor investors. Extreme Rising has
been bootstrapping it since day one, and thrives on fan support
alone. If the fans want to see an Extreme Rising TV show, we need
their help to bring this to fruition.

We have proposed a plan to produce a season of Extreme Rising TV to
air initially on broadcast TV in Philadelphia, South Jersey, Delaware,
and online. If the campaign receives the full funding,
Extreme Rising will immediately go into production for thirteen
weeks of episodic television. Each show will be sixty-minutes and will
include matches, promos, never-seen-before content, and advertisements
for DVDs, T-shirts, etc... Extreme Rising will purchase and schedule
the thirteen weeks of TV to air.  Eventually the programs will be
available online Worldwide.

Extreme Rising TV will star STEVIE RICHARDS, JERRY LYNN, SABU,

Plus the best talent in the United States and Mexico: MATT HARDY,

And we can't forget the sexy women of Extreme Rising: REBY SKY,

Extreme Rising TV will build and advance characters and storylines,
as well as offer a true wrestling alternative for fans. Extreme Rising
TV will be entertaining pro wrestling television with edgy storylines
and characters that captures the "extreme spirit," mixed with its
share of humor, realism, and featuring the best athletic wrestling
with high flying maneuvers and hardcore stunts. While the WWE enjoys
its PG rating, we take pride in delivering something edgier,
grittier, and more extreme. It promises to be the most entertaining
hour of wrestling on TV each week.



Titan Comics release tie-in comics to the bestselling videogame franchise DmC: Devil May Cry!

Titan Comics is pleased to announce the launch of the DmC: Devil May Cry: The Vergil Chronicles Comic, based on the all-new reimagining of the world-famous Devil May Cry videogame saga. The first of two tie-in comics is available digitally from today, coinciding with the release of new videogame installment, DmC: Devil May Cry. The two issues will hit comic stores in print from May.

The Devil May Cry series has sold over twelve million copies worldwide, spinning off into an animated series, graphic novels, manga, action figures, statuettes, clothing and more. The franchise has also just been picked up for adaptation by Screen Gems, the studio that produced the blockbusting Resident Evil movies.

The first of two comics, released digitally today, takes place before the game DmC: Devil May Cry and reveals the unmissable backstory of Vergil and Kat; with never-before-seen revelations!

This gorgeously illustrated story features chilling and resplendent art that takes the characters into stratospherically blockbuster dimensions of hellish action and atmosphere.

Freshly translated for a simultaneous release with the French edition, this beautifully illustrated story, in the vein of Titan’s thrilling Assassin’s Creedgraphic novels, is written by Guillaume Dorison aka Izu (Omega Complex) and illustrated by artists Robin Recht (The Third Testament) and Patrick Pion (Tomb Raider: Dark Aeons).

The two-part comic series is available to read today on the iPad, iPhone, Web, Android and Kindle Fire, exclusively through the comiXology app and

In print, DmC: Devil May Cry: The Vergil Chronicles #1 is on sale May 15 and #2 is on sale June 19.

Retailers can order DmC: Devil May Cry: The Vergil Chronicles #1 from the February 2013 edition of Diamond PREVIEWS. For updates retailers can sign-up to the Titan Comics retail newsletter, here or follow @TitanRetail on Twitter.

To keep up-to-date with news from Titan Comics, visit or join us on Facebook or Twitter.

Interview : Jeff Mariotte

Interview : Jeff Mariotte

You have an extensive history in the book/publishing business. Tell us about that.

I do indeed. After college I worked doing maintenance for a shopping mall in San Jose, CA, for three years, during which I made friends with the folks at the great Books Inc. store there. Books Inc. is a great store—it’s a regional chain, based in California (though at one time more widespread, when I was there they had stores in California and Arizona). But it was always privately owned, and each store was given a lot of latitude, so it was essentially a linked collection of independent bookstores, with some of the buying power of a chain. It was a great place to work, and the Books Inc. stores spawned some of the best booksellers in the business. I became paperback buyer there, then was offered the job of manager at the La Jolla store.

The southern CA and AZ stores were called Hunter’s Books, and the flagship store for them was in Beverly Hills. I moved there, and met another group of great booksellers. Because the big store was on Rodeo Drive, it was a regular haunt of movie and TV stars and other celebrities (not that our store in La Jolla didn’t get our share). At the La Jolla store I met folks like Charlotte Rampling, Phoebe Cates, Sally Struthers, and others. We sold the complete Robert B. Parker Spenser book series to Burt Reynolds, who wanted to produce a TV series or movie with himself as Spenser. We hosted signings with legendary authors like Ray Bradbury, James Ellroy, Harlan Ellison, James Lee Burke, Clive Barker, Dan Simmons, Douglas Adams, Robert McCammon, the aforementioned Bob Parker, Wallace Stegner, and many, many more, as well as artistic luminaries like Leroy Neiman and Barry Moser.

But the authors I gravitated to were the genre authors. We became the place to go in the San Diego area for sf, fantasy, horror, and hardboiled crime fiction, and I got to know most of the authors and publishers in the business.

It was also there that I sold my first pro short story, to a science fiction anthology released by Bantam called Full Spectrum.

But one day the rise of the chain stores meant Hunter’s was going to close its doors. Books Inc. kept some of its Bay Area stores open and focused its efforts there, and it’s once again a thriving business. But those of us who worked at the Hunter’s stores were out of jobs. Fortunately, by this time I had met and married the lovely Maryelizabeth Hart, and she had another friend, Terry Gilman, who had been thinking about opening a store. So we put our heads and talents together and Mysterious Galaxy was born, specializing in the genres we love best (or books of Martians, Murder, Magic, and Mayhem, as our slogan says). The first MG store, in San Diego, has been open for 20 years this year, and a couple of years ago we opened the second, in Redondo Beach, CA.

Also during that period of unemployment, comic artist Jim Lee, whose wife was my assistant manager at Hunter’s, asked me to write the text on some trading cards featuring his WildStorm Productions characters the WildC.A.T.s. I did that, and it led to more writing, and eventually to a full-time gig as VP of Marketing. We built the company up from a smallish indie to a major powerhouse, then Jim sold it to DC Comics, and I became a senior editor for DC for several years. Eventually I left there to be the first editor-in-chief for upstart IDW Publishing, which has also become a big player in the business.

During all that time I was still writing. At WildStorm I created the comic book that most people still know me for, a horror/Western saga called Desperadoes. My first novel, a collaboration with the great Christopher Golden, was a horror-superhero tale about Gen13, comic book characters we had both written in comics. Chris introduced me to his Buffy the Vampire Slayer editor, which resulted in some Buffy books and a bunch of Angel novels and comics. At IDW, I worked with Steve Niles, editing his comics including the 30 Days of Night series, and I eventually wrote three 30 Days of Night novels with Steve and one solo.

So it always comes back to horror, sooner or later. These days I do some freelance editing, and the day job is still editing but of a different sort. Since 1980, though, I haven’t had a job that didn’t involve books and words and sentences. It’s been a good run.

Okay, interview over...

Sorry. I’ll be brief from now on.

I understand there’s some connection between your new novel, Season of the Wolf, and those IDW days.

That’s right. Steve’s 30 Days of Night sold to the movies and did very well as a comic, and then some of his other books were either optioned or bought outright. He covered a lot of familiar horror tropes: vampires, Frankenstein’s monster, zombies, etc. Reasonably enough, IDW was interested in selling other things, especially company-owned projects. I came up with a werewolf concept I called Wolf Weather. We got an artist to do some illustrations, but it never went anywhere and we never did an actual comic.

Almost ten years later, though, the concept wouldn’t leave me alone. I asked IDW for permission to revisit it, since I had originally done the work on company time, and they graciously complied. I sat down and wrote it as a novel, which DarkFuse agreed to publish.

Season of the Wolf has much in common with Wolf Weather, but it’s far from the same thing. The basic similarities are these: both stories are set in a small Colorado mountain town under attack by wolves. Climate change has altered the mountain environment such that the wolves, ordinarily wary of humans, have been forced into a kind of collision course with them. Some of the characters are similar.

But the differences are at least as pronounced. In Wolf Weather, the wolves were werewolves. In Season of the Wolf, they’re not (they’re also not quite the wolf next door...they’re special, but they’re not werewolves). There are plot twists, including some human goings-on, that were not in the original. And, of course, we’re a decade further along in our understanding of climate change and what effects it has.

Who’s going to like Season of the Wolf?

I’d like to think everybody will. But realistically, the goal was to make it scary and fast-paced, with a few surprises along the way. By the end I don’t think you’ll look at anyone (including the wolves) the way you did at the beginning. A reviewer on Goodreads said “I could hear echoes of Steven King and Dean Koontz while reading Season of the Wolf and, for this genre, there's no better praise than that.” So I guess if you like those little-known, cult authors, you’ll like Season of the Wolf.

You’ve got some other books coming from DarkFuse, right?

They’re resissuing some books that Penguin put out a few years ago: River Runs Red, Missing White Girl, and Cold Black Hearts. These are what I call my Border Trilogy, though they are linked only by setting and theme, not by continuing characters or storylines. They’re all set at different spots on the US/Mexico border, in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, and deal to greater or lesser degrees with border themes. For the DarkFuse editions, they’ve been slightly rewritten, re-edited, and each one has new content, in two cases new short stories featuring the book’s protagonist.

What’s the publication schedule?

Season of the Wolf is on sale February 26, in trade paperback and e-book. The others will be out sometime in the first quarter of 2013, but I’m not absolutely certain on the dates yet.

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Molly Crows The Movie



Inspired by a real events, Molly Crows tells the story of a small town in Middle-England being torn apart, because of a wicked act that took place there centuries ago. The lead actor is a seven year old girl who makes her debut in the film. She is supported by a cast of 80 actors including George Newton from Dead Man's Shoes & the multi-award winning film "This is England."


When seven year old Jess and her alcoholic Mother arrive in Haslem, she’s an easy target for the brutal bullying culture. But there’s something different about Jess. She can see and hear things that other people can’t. When Jess is brutalized in a country lane, the ancient spirits of the area appear, angry and full of vengeance. The townspeople take the law into their own hands and commit a terrible act upon an innocent, as brutal and unforgivable as the notorious Witchfinders from centuries past.
Please share this email to help us promote the film and support independent artists.
Ray Wilkes (MA)
Flashgun Films, UK

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They call her Babette Bombshell

Wicked Bird Media Announces A Documentary About New England Horror Community


Production Company Wicked Bird Media Announces A Documentary About New England
Horror Community

  • Something
    Wicked This Way Comes will dissect popular horror genre conventions driven by
    New England’s history and discuss the relationship between contemporary horror
    and the area.
  • Documentary will feature
    notable horror genre luminaries and historically relevant New England locations
    and genre-related events.
  • Production
    company is raising film funds with a Kickstarter campaign that includes a video
    featuring actor Kip Weeks from The Strangers, an infographic about horror in New
    England, and backer-exclusive pledge packages:

Mass. -- January 17, 2013

-- Wicked Bird Media, the Boston-based independent production company, today
announced that they are in
on Something Wicked This Way Comes, a documentary about the horror community in
New England. The film will f
eature local
directors, actors, fans, and natives discussing the relationship between New
England and contemporary horror; and dissect popular genre conventions driven by
the history, settings, and social issues of the area.

began on Saturday, January 12th, 2013 with Mike Aloisi, author of Unmasked: The
True Life Story of the World's Most Prolific, Cinematic Killer Kane Hodder.
Wicked Bird Media is currently booking with over a dozen notable horror genre
luminaries and will continue filming throughout 2013 in various New England
locations and Los Angeles, California. 

Buchanan and Jessica Barnthouse, founders of Wicked Bird Media, developed the
documentary concept to support their business mission to increase independent
film activity in New England. The duo plan to expand their production company
into a hub for independent filmmakers who bring their projects to the area, and
will offer affordable services, equipment rentals, and in-state resources. The
documentary will be their first full-feature film and will be used as a case
study about how a community can create a homegrown film

Bird Media needs to secure funding to locally produce and staff the film, and
has set up a 30-day Kickstarter campaign that includes a video featuring actor
Kip Weeks from The Strangers, an infographic representing the impact New England
has had on the horror genre, and backer-exclusive pledge packages that include a
digital download or DVD copy of the completed film, a production diary, behind
the scenes footage, VIP tickets to the film premiere, and Producer credits. To
find out more information, visit

more information on Something Wicked this Way Comes, visit
For additional perspectives, follow Something Wicked this Way Comes on Twitter
and Facebook at

more information on Wicked Bird Media, visit
For additional perspectives, please visit and subscribe to the Wicked Bird Media
RSS blog feed at:,
and follow Wicked Bird Media on Twitter at
and Facebook at

Wicked Bird Media

Bird Media

is Boston’s newest independent production company dedicated to providing
visually compelling and cleverly alternative digital, film and video solutions
that are entertaining, informative and inspiring, for clients of all sizes
including Eco-Kids, Maggie’s Naturals and Pack Your Bags TV. Using effective
storytelling and streamlined best practices, Wicked Bird Media delivers work
designed to keep up with the demands of a constantly changing media landscape.
Wicked Bird Media is located in Boston, Mass. Visit
for more information.

V/H/S Coming Out On VHS In The US!

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There’s Hell to Pay for Cutting Class! - DITCH

Ditch Brings More Mystery and Conflict in this Teaser

“There’s Hell to Pay for Cutting Class!”

Writer Daniel P. Coughlin’s sinister thriller Ditch continues to impress. Coughlin has created a horrifying feature from his script that incorporates an axeman, a ditch party and a score that needs to be settled. Coughlin is best known for his previous horror features, including After Dark’s Lake Dead (2007) and Farmhouse (2008) starring Steven Weber. Ditch will continue this writer’s terrifying film run, with a group of high schoolers targeted for revenge!

And, Ditch now has a thrilling teaser trailer. The short clip shows actor Bill Oberst Jr. as Vick, with axe in-hand. Vick’s past is linked with Jenny’s (Katy Foley). Jenny has made a mistake somewhere in her past, one which she knows nothing about. Both characters will collide as Vick desires revenge for this past wrong: “people have to pay for what they do.” Preview this exciting reel in the first teaser trailer for Ditch below.

The horror feature Ditch is currently in post-production. This film is expected to release in 2013, with a more specific release date coming shortly.

Release Date: 2013.

Director: Joe Hendrick.

Writer: Daniel P. Couglin.

Producer: Megan Waters.

Cast Includes: Bill Oberst Jr., Katy Foley, Zach Silverman, Lynn Lowry and Morgan Benoit.

The Ditch official synopsis:

"Jenny Bilson, a high school senior, is the perfect student, a wonderful daughter to a veteran police detective and an all American Dream. But the one mistake she is unaware of making is about to haunt her in a very violent way as her past returns for revenge" (Ditch Movie Partners LLC).

The film’s first teaser trailer is available on Youtube:

The film’s official website is here:

The fan page for Ditch is here:

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House at the End of the Street - Profile on Max Thieriot

Check out his Creepy Hotness in House at the End of the Street

Available Now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy

Ryan might be a little strange in House at the End of the Street but he also is pretty freakin’ hot!  In this feature we’ll look back at his appearances in Jumper and Chloe, his upcoming projects and his modelling career with GAP.

Max Thieriot was born in Los Altos Hills, California in 1988. He started acting when he took an improvisation class and was immediately noticed and signed up with an agent. With his good looks and acting talent obvious to all who knew him, Thieriot became a GAP model for a short time and appeared in two short films before starring in his first feature film role alongside Kristen Stewart and Corbin Bleu in Catch That Kid (2004). Always one to keep moving, Max was soon back in the cinema in 2005's The Pacifier (his largest grossing film to date), playing one of the family members protected by a Navy Seal played by Vin Diesel.

His third film, the drama The Astronaut Farmer (2007) found him playing the son of Billy Bob Thornton's character, and in Nancy Drew (2007) he starred opposite Emma Roberts. Thieriot’s next role was a smaller one but a role that got him noticed when he played a younger version of Hayden Christensen's lead character in Jumper in 2008 (co-starring with Rachel Bilson and, for the second time, with Kristen Stewart).

Theiriot branched out from previous genres In 2009, when he co-starred in the erotic thriller Chloe, released by Sony Pictures Classics in 2010. Chloe enjoyed commercial success and became director Atom Egoyan's biggest money-maker ever.

Max often remarks on how fortunate he has been to learn from some great actors:

“Liam (Neeson) and Billy (Bob Thornton) have really taught me a lot and were extremely helpful with decisions in scenes, " Max explains.” They also took time to talk to me many times one-on-one if I asked for help, advice, etc."

However, despite his fame, following and A-listers on speed dial, Max describes himself as a “small town farm-boy in general”. He enjoys hunting, basketball, wrestling, surfing, snowboarding, and other sports in his spare time, and has listed Johnny Depp as his favorite actor.

Johnny Depp may be his acting pin-up but Max will have to get used to his poster replacing Captain Jack’s before too long. With House at the End of the Street now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy, a role alongside Jason Bateman in Disconnect (April 2013), not to mention the highly anticipated “Bates Motel” - Max Theiriot is definitely a hottie worth watching over the next few months. 

The New Screenwriter

Attention! If you are a horror screenwriter and you are working on your first script, you definitely need to check this out. The New...