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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Undertaker vs Bryan Daniels at Wrestlemania 30

Wrestlemania 30


HIAC:  The Undertaker vs  Bryan Daniels


Set up:   Daniels turns on Kane, and they feud a bit until Daniels breaks Kane’s leg.   Undertaker comes to the aid of his brother, therefore setting up the Mania match, maybe even He11 in a Ce11 stipulation.   Kane “on crutches” is allowed at ringside, inside the “Cell”, in Undertaker’s corner.  Daniels freaks about it.   Now, in the end, it could all be a ploy by Daniels to have Kane placed inside the Cell, and Kane turns on this brother during the match.  In this situation, can Undertaker’s steak survive? 


What do you think?

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