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The Malliard Report features DEAD afterlife writer Michael Joy

Last night ,  I was guest on The Malliard Report and we talked about and DEAD afterlife The Movie.   We touched on the involvement of stars, Bill Oberst Jr, Bill Moseley, Kane Hodder, Michael Berryman, and Universal Hearthrob Austin Idol !  We had a great conversation.  Horror topics up and down the board , including my favorite horror flick , John Carpenter's Halloween.   I also drop the bomb about my involvement with Scotland based horror business, POPCORN HORROR!!!!!   Check out the Interview

Dave Vescio joins DEAD afterlife

Dave Vescio @DaveVescio Follow I just booked a supporting role in a horror movie called @DEAD_afterlife starring @MichaelBerryman @choptopmoseley @billoberstjr. - 01 Jan Bill Oberst Jr. @billoberstjr @DaveVescio re "just booked role in @DEAD_afterlife" Dave I'm looking forward to working with you, brother! @joyhorror's script blew me away

DEAD afterlife... A Journey About Being Alive

I’m on a journey of self-discovery.I guess I’ve been on this journey this entire time and just didn’t realize it until recently. It’s not always clear what your mission is at 20 years old or even 30 years old.I’m 43 years old and I’m chasing down a dream that has alluded me all of my life.I’ve been labeled “shy” since I was a kid and that has probably held me back.I’ve accomplished a lot.My personal accomplishments out weight my professional accomplishments.I think the next stage of the game is equally personal as it is professional.If it’s not “personal” to me,then why bother doing it.I’ve always felt a connection to movies.I guess that’s why I spent hours upon hours in video stores looking through video tapes trying to find the perfect movie.It’s the escapism aspect that is the attraction.The farther a movie can transport me away from real life,the better the experience.I’m constantly searching for those movies that can really captured my mind and make be believe and inspire me to b…