Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Woodhaven Media has teamed up with 2 Cousins Productions for the eerie, new horror film ANDERS MANOR...

It's Amy's 18th birthday. While most girls her age are celebrating with friends and painting the town, Amy is checking herself out of the insane asylum. Her mother Jane decides to take her on a family get away, to celebrate her birthday and re-acclimate her to everyday life.  A weekend of, camp fires, and cotton candy socials, to rekindle family ties, quickly turns to the most horrific family reunion in American history.  And it all goes down at ANDERS MANOR.

Producer Tommy DeNucci (Army Of The Damned, Almost Mercy) has joined Executive Producers Glenn Jeffery, Matt O'Conner, David Gere, Richard Switzer, Tanya Lynch, and tapped Jonathan Schermerhorn to direct the film.
Schermerhorn will make his directorial debut based off the screenplay, written by Mike Messier, Tom DeNucci, Matt O'Conner, and Glenn Jeffery. Ryan Sweeney will serve as the director of photography.

Christina Robinson (Dexter) has been brought on to play the lead, Amy. Godsmack front man, Sully Erna has also come aboard, Rachel True (The Craft) along with, Kevin Nash (The Punisher, Magic Mike, John Wick) who is doing something completely out of character as Reverend Thomas, TNA Impact Wrestling Superstar "The Miracle" Michael Bennett will be portraying a wild and unruly redneck named Darsaw.
Other actors appearing as guests at ANDERS MANOR, will be played by Tanja Lynch (Bleed For This), Eric Lutes (How To Get Away With Murder), Mark Sullivan, David Tessier, Michael Zuccola, Danielle Guldin, Mike Messier, Pamela Morgan, and Armen Garo (Vinyl, The Sopranos), Chelsea Vale (Mostly Ghostly, Inner Demons) round out the cast.

"I'm very excited to be back in the horror genre. Working on a movie like this, here in New England, during our classic Halloween season, with all the leaves changing, certainly adds an extra element to the movie, that you just can't create with a Hollywood studio - well not without millions of dollars at least! To be here, in Rhode Island, where H.P. Lovecraft was telling his tales of the Macabre, and to be producing a movie with similar tones and elements, over a hundred years later, is really special." - Producer, Tom DeNucci

"This movie has a classic horror undertone, juxtaposed with some eerie and wild elements that I am sure hardcore horror and casual fans alike will connect with." - Executive Producer, David Gere

"Dark and interesting, with a solid amount of action, Anders Manor is going to be a fun and creepy film." - Executive Producer, Richard Switzer

This could be the most intense work of horror to ever come out of Woodhaven Media. Rhode Island is sure to be drenched in blood once filming is complete. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

New They Live / Donald Trump - Halloween Mask

They Live Alien Donald Trump Mask They Live Alien Donald Trump Mask: Trick or Treat Studios is proud to present the official They Live Alien Donald Trump Mask inspired by director John Carpenter's 1988 film, They Live. In the film, the ruling class within the elite are discovered to be aliens managing human social affairs through the use of subliminal messages in mass media and concealing their appearances through the use of a signal on top of a major TV broadcast station. Whether you're getting ready for Halloween or Election season, make a splash with this They Live Alien Donald Trump Mask!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

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The New Screenwriter

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