Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Woodhaven Media Reimagined

2017 is the future at Woodhaven Media and we are launching a re-imagined social media campaign. This is the beginning of a brand new adrenaline charged Facebook page that will feature daily content that includes photographs, videos, and just pure entertainment! 
Army of the Damned, Almost Mercy, and Anders Manor will just be some of the content featured in the week’s ahead. This exciting initiative will not only focus on Woodhaven Media feature films, but go way beyond. 
Get ready for a Pop-Culture explosion of horror, wrestling, and everything that you love about the movies. At the heart of our company, we are all fans living a dream and it’s our duty and pleasure to share that dream with our audience. Join us and be entertained! 
Please remember to LIKE and SHARE all the craziness that you enjoy on this Facebook re-boot! And stay posted for important information about our NEW and IMPROVED Woodhaven Media Twitter page!

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