Why The Horror Genre Needs Marketing Macabre?

Marketing Macabre 
                         Specializing In Bringing Your Brand Back From The Dead 

Our FOCUS is on all levels of horror genre marketing and offering any of our
services ALA CART for limited budgets and affordability.

Let us build your campaign and kick-start marketing your brand. 

Free Consultation Available

Custom Packages Available For Deeper Discounts
Bundle together any combination of services so it fits your specific needs and we will give you a Discounted Rate!


*  Press Release - $50.00 each 
     We will create a single press release and launch it to our over 2,000 media contacts

*  Press Release including Exclusive Interview - $75.00 each
     We will interview you (email or phone) and include in the Press Release deal above.

Social Media Outreach
  • Daily Facebook Posts - $250.00 a month
  • Daily Twitter Posts - $250.00 a month 
Includes posting content and searching out prospects to increase your followers.

Accepting Payments via PayPal for Press Releases and Social Media Outreach
Please contact me at Joyhorror@msn.com

Additional Services:
  • LinkedIn Outreach by ConnectOps 
Contact Michael Joy at Michael@connectops.com for more details

  • Business cards, Brochures, and Apparel available by Minuteman Press
Contact Michael Joy at marketing@minutemanprints.com for more details

My name is Michael Joy and I started out almost 10 years ago writing for Horrornews.net and then ended up being Operations Manager for the site doing a lot of public relations and marketing.  

Last year,  I took a position with Artsploitation Films as Director of Marketing and Public Relations and have handled campaigns for the following movies, Vampyres, The Devil Lives Here, Killbillies, Deadly Virtues, Counter Clockwise, and most recently, Red Christmas.  

In 2017, Marketing Macabre was unleashed and quickly grew taking on Woodhaven Media as a client, helping them promote their brand and their new movies Anders Manor and The Santa Files, as well as their back catalog of films.   We also created a great campaign for Author, William Burke to promote his new book, Voodoo Child, Book One: Zombie Uprising.  

We recently partnered with both ConnectOps and Minuteman Press to expand our resources and services. 

  • Artsploitation Films
  • Woodhaven Media
  • Horrornews.net
  • Voodoo Child, Book One: Zombie Uprising
  • DEAD afterlife 
  • ConnectOps
  • Minuteman Press


Mike Bohatch - Owner & CEO, Horrornews.net :
I've had the fine pleasure of working with Michael Joy for many years. His commitment, efforts and dedication are second to none. Michael jumps right in and seizes every project like a pro making him not only a great working asset but a top contributor to the bottom line of an organization's success. If you are considering Michael for project or position, you should be thankful you've found him.

Santos Ellin Jr. - Film Critic, Horrornews.net :
Michael Joy is one of the most savvy people I've ever met in the business. He is detail oriented, quick to lend a hand if asked (& even if you don't ask he's there to help) and most of all efficient. He has been there for me as I slowly became acclimated to a new job title at HNN and would be nothing but a prized asset wherever he decided to hang his hat. There are few better at doing what he does. 

Austin Idol - Professional Wrestler :
Michael Joy, is one talented fella who I have the privilege of calling friend. Michael is incredibly creative, honest, hard working, and doesn't know the word quit. I would highly recommend Michael to any company large or small who needs assistance in social media or marketing. 

David Gere - Producer, Woodhaven Media :
Michael Joy has the ability to help launch an enhanced marketing scope for a company by utilizing his tireless focus and passion for the entertainment industry. Michael has a lifetime of knowledge with regard to horror films, pop culture, music, pro wrestling and the like. Michael Joy has mastered a way to create authentic and unique buzz on social media platforms and has enhanced my company's profile.

Tommy DeNucci, President, Woodhaven Media :
In a short period of time, Michael was able to diagnostically break down how we were handling online promotions, implement some new tactics and quickly increase our social media presence, with creative posts and constant, quality content.


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